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Bug Fest at Hunters Plaza!

19 September 2017

Have we got you covered these school holidays… literally – with bugs, critters and crawlers!

Our first week of entertainment for the whole family will bring you back for more. Get your hands on creatures and learn more about these wild/tame little creatures on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

On Wednesday we have a giant gecko puzzle and other interactive games and activities to keep you entertained. As you make your way through the centre; follow the foot prints to other activities and don’t miss out on the fun! See if you can find our “Be Brave” selfie booth or the amazing digital hologram!

Bring a friend for an amazing wild Bug adventure!

Week 1: Bug Fest – Get your hands on creatures! 

Daily from 11am to 3pm

Mon 2 Oct  Get your hands on creatures
Tue 3 Oct Get your hands on creatures
Wed 4 Oct GIANT GECKO and other games
Thu 5 Oct  Get your hands on creatures
Fri 6 Oct Get your hands on creatures

Week 2: BUG FEST with Auckland Museum!  Daily 11am to 3pm
 This is going to be of epic proportions! The Auckland museum will join us in centre with some great drop in activities. You will come back for more!

Mon 9 October to Fri 13 Oct

  • Be a Bug Scientist – Opportunity to put on lab coats, try out using nets, put on butterfly wings
  • Insect Exploration – An activity table, with educator who would provide information about the insects they are viewing)
  • Insect Badge Making – Participants draw an insect and make a badge
  • Putorino and Purerehua Demo and Storytelling  – An educator would demonstrate the use of two Maori wind instruments and tell story of the moth that inspired the design and sound of these instruments

Come along for these FREE adventures from 11.00am to 3pm! See if you can find our “Be Brave” selfie booth or the amazing digital hologram!

Make sure to follow our Facebook page as we will have heaps of prizes up for grabs with the “Be Brave” selfie booth.